Test Packages & Pricing

Our company is a advanced laboratory that delivers consistent and honest outcomes, quickly and economically

The Self-esteem Analytics Label Guarantees:

    Items are tested under reproducible techniques An easy-to-understand yet scientifically-based report associated with the methods done Customer self- self- confidence that items are appropriate and safe with accurate chemical and analysis that is microbiological

Compliance Test Packages

Cutting-edge analytical services for production and item sourcing with real quality assurance, documents and medical integrity.

Flower & Focus Package Rates

Making use of complex procedures for test preparation, the laboratory has the capacity to recognize the per cent composition and differentiate between active and inactive types of cannabinoids contained in a good little test.

Green Plant cbd oil Material (GPM) Dried Flower, Trim, Hash, Kief, Rosin, and Prerolls. Undried GPM is certainly not accepted

Package Includes:

Cannabino >Mycotoxins Microbial/Aw

Solvent Extract Shatter, Distillate, Waxes, etc.

Package Includes:

Cannabino >Mycotoxins Res >Turnaround: 3-10 times. Test Size: 2g

Include Pestic >

Package Includes:

Applicable Compliance Tests Pestic >Total Cost Just $190!

‘Tested With Conf >

Package Includes:

Applicable Compliance Tests Pestic >Terpenes

Infused Solids and Liquids

Analyses for ensuring item security for edible and topical Cannabis items and any solids that are infused natural natural oils, fats, fluids, or other people as defined by traceability.

Cannabino >

Tested, Analyzed & Measured Cannabinoids


The ingredient most linked to the effect that is psychoactive

Tetrahydrocannabinolic Acid

The prevalent type of the molecule in natural product


The ingredient most related to medicinal properties

Cannabidiolic acid

The form that is predominant of molecule in natural product


The precursor to THC & CBD within the biosynthesis path; proven to reduce intraocular force

Cannabigerol acid

The prevalent kind of the molecule in natural product


Includes a recommended part within the anti inflammatory, analgesic and antiviral outcomes of cannabis


The main breakdown item of THC & CBD with known sedative and anxiolytic properties


Comparable to CBD, THCV generally seems to modulate THC uptake


Tetrahydrocannabivarin Acid

The form that is acid of


Seems to have strong prospect of remedy for epilepsy


Research to date happens to be restricted to molecular structure


delta-8 Tetrahydrocannabinol

A less psychoactive isomer for the commonly found d9-THC

Individual Test Rates

We use High-Performance Liquid Chromatography for cannabinoid profiling to ensure consistency of results whether it’s flowers, extracts, infused edibles or topicals.

Any Solitary Test

One test of green plant product or focus using fuel chromatography to identify and quantify terpenes, terpenoids and recurring solvents for extracts.

Cannabino >Does maybe perhaps not connect with infused solids & liquids.


Microbial w/ Water Activity as appropriate



Pestic >Green Plant Material and Concentrates

Pestic >All other test kinds

Heavy Metals

E Vitamin

A La Carte Packages


Enjoy discounts by combining tests on test Packages. Any mixture of specific Tests could be placed on exactly the same test to attain the value that is greatest. Just pertains to Green Plant Material and Solvent Extracts. Pesticide Test rates used separately.

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