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Flight attendant union warns of “catastrophic” fire danger from e-cigarettes on planes

Flight attendant union warns of “catastrophic” fire danger from e-cigarettes on planes

The pres >wants the FAA to ban e-cigarettes from planes because their lithium-ion batteries might be a fire risk. Lithium-ion batteries energy just about any smart phone we have actually — but the concern about vaping products is due to the actual fact they frequently utilize cheaper batteries to power them, increasing worries they are prone to fail and produce a fire .

In February, extra lithium-ion batteries sparked a fire aboard a Delta trip although it sat during the gate. Those batteries come in e-cigarettes – just like the the one that caught fire within the TSA line in Charleston, western Virginia. Plus in Savannah, Georgia, the battery pack for the vape pen was blamed after having a bag began smoking at safety.

At the least 265 incidents batteries that are involving been reported towards the FAA since 1991, and FAA information shows at least 48 e-cigarette associated smoke or fire incidents at airports or on planes. That is more incidents than laptop computers and pills, mobile phones, battery pack chargers or batteries that are spare.

An FAA test movie shows why lithium-ion batteries were prohibited in checked baggage. In case a battery fails and goes into exactly what’s called thermal runaway, it may burn off therefore hot that the air air plane’s fire suppression system can not place it down. In 2016, the FAA banned the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone due to its lithium batteries fires that are starting.

“A lithium ion battery pack fire on an airplane may be catastrophic,” Sara Nelson, president regarding the Association of Flight Attendants, told CBS News transport correspondent Kris Van Cleave.بیشتر بخوانید